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The Sfortunato Legacy - 6.3

Yo! Finally, after months, I could play again with the Sfortunatos~ The game was being so slow that it was impossible to play and I had to move the family again. So, hoping there's still someone that will read this legacy, here's the new chapter!

The family moved to Roaring Heights. This is their new house~
(No house tour for now, because the house is still not complete.)

O.M.G. Rose, what happened to you?

Rose: ...I think I need a makeover.
Yes, you do.

Much better.

Then she let the magic mirror choose her clothes.

That face.

She doesn't seem to like her new clothes too much...
Rose: What are these things??

Rose: They are great.
...or maybe she does.

If you were wondering: Yes, Greg is still a cutie.

Rose went to the graveyard to get the family gravestones and...why is this place so beautiful??

Like...seriously why.

Marco is still a lifeguard.
Marco, look behind you, there's someone dying.

I was quite sure this guy was just faking being sick, so I kept an eye on him and...

Yep. I guessed right.

Aggh, Marco don't do that...

Marco: Oh he dead??
Unluckily not...

Finally the man got up and:

Yea. I thought so.

Man: You're really hot Mr. Lifeguard.
Marco: What?

Marco: EW!
Man:...But you saved me!

Meanwhile at home...

Rose: WAAH! What happened??
I missed Xander a lot.

Marco is still at work and this elder was drowning.

Random kid: AHAH Look at that loser!

Finally Marco noticed the poor man and helped him.

He gave him that floating thingie and left him there alone.

As soon as the elder arrived on the beach he felt sick and Marco had to save him again.

Marco: You're welcome. And you'd better stay away from the sea for a while...

Potty training~

When people aren't dying around him, Marco spends the time at his job playing in the water.

I was completely forgetting that the toddlers still didn't know how to speak.

...Shouldn't you work?
Marco: Nope.

Just a picture of Rose absorbing a puddle of...pee I guess. Eeeew.

I took this pic just for the jumping ball-shaped fish, but look at how beautiful this town is!

Fish: Hi!

A random drowning guy.

Finally Marco came home in the evening. He was so hungry he didn't even bother to change his clothes before eating.

John the cutie using the potty by himself.

Greg: How can I do my homework when that THING is screaming???

I don't even know who this woman is, she was in front of the house (strangely she wasn't one of the paparazzi) and Rose invited her in to have a chat.

Darrick is pregnant again! (He actually already was before moving in the new town, but I don't know what happened and he wasn't anymore...)

The first family ghost of this town is Stella~

Rose was tired of being a stylist and she got a job in the business career.

Marco and Darrick autonomously woohoo like...all day long. Please stop.

Marco took Greg to The Boardwalk.

Greg: Yaaaay!

Marco: ...mhm...this is boring.

Marco: No okay, it's super scary! HEEELP!

Oh, hello Nathaniel!

Oh my...why...

Xander:...I shouldn't have read that letter.
Also a reminder that Xander is a vampire. Look at how creepy he is in the dark.

Liam and Harry came to visit too.

Also Vincentia...

Liam: Gross! What's that thing?!
...ehm...your son?

Eli: What's happening?


I should seriously put a fence around the house, because people keep entering in the garden. Like this woman who's almost falling asleep in the family graveyard.

Vin: Eww!
No okay, stop doing that, ghosts.

Everyone would understand there's a slob vampire living in this house just by looking at the table.

I'm happy to see that Lysandre is still the same.

Sleeping cutie.

More cuteness.

These two are still my OTP...damn.

I don't know what happened, but these appeared right after they woohooed.

Mr.Floating Face is suffering...this can mean only a thing.

The new baby is coming~

His name is Jim and I forgot his traits because I'm a terrible person. (I'll write them in the next update)

As you can see, he is super cute. I feel like biting his cheeks *w*

And now it's double-birthday time!

...what did Rose even do?

And here they are, Sherlock and John as children!
Sherlock's new trait is Genius and John's is Snob.

Next time we'll probably see Greg as a teen, I can't wait!
Thank you to everyone that's still reading this legacy even after my long hiatus!

Tags: generation 6, legacy, sfortunato, the sims 3
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